Babbyquint2338 is a normal ranked Fantagian who joined on 1/18/15 with his first account babbyquint233 and then joined 1/31/15 with his current account. He doesn't go on his old account at all except to show his friends and to joke about it being "cringy." His level is currently 121 or higher. His two siblings Noah and Kerry are on Fantage. Noah is on Fantage known as noahisgreat23 and their sister Kerry is quints_sister which he admitted to making her put it as her user as a joke. He has a well known youtube channel of almost 80 subs known as Quint B Fantage which he posts videos daily most about drama, cheats, and funny joke videos. He is usually found in the top server at the cruise, bff room, or the cafe goofing around with his best friends. His best friends are superstar9235, pleasedatemypet, bignaterocks23, mm23r, and coolness2338. His bae is bignaterocks23 and his two closest friends are bignaterocks23 and pleasedatemypet. One of the things that he is known for is his short anger temper and people who annoy him are desperate girls and mean people. There was a rumor that he hated Ambie's channel Ambie345 but he has made a video saying it is false. Otherwise he is kind and nice and absolutely likes to joke around. He will stick up for anyone at anytime when it is needed. 

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